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January 8, 2017  Baptism of Our Lord    Pastor Havel  

 December 4, 2016   Second Sunday of Advent     Pastor Schroed

 November 6, 2016   All Saints Day     Pastor Havel

October 2, 2016  Good Bye Pastor Blake and Janet 

 October 2, 2016    Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost     Pastor Blake

 August 21, 2016  Fourteent Sunday after Pentecost         Pastor Hoedt

August 14, 2016   Thirteenth Sunday after Pentecost    Pastor Petteys

 August 7, 2016    Twelfth Sunday after Pentecost    Pastor Havel

July 17, 2016  Ninth Sunday after Pentecost    Pastor Anderson 

July 10, 2016  Eighth Sunday after Pentecost   Pastor Petteys 

June 19, 2016    Fifth Sunday after Pentecost     Pastor Petteys

June 12, 2016    Fourth Sunday after Pentecost       Pastor Blake

May 15, 2016   Day of Pentecost      Pastor Blake 

May8, 2016   Seventh Sunday of Easter        Bishop Satterlee 

January 15, 2017   Second Sunday after Epiphany   Pastor Havel

 April 24, 2016     Fifth Sunday of Easter     Pastor Anderson

April 17, 2016        Fourth Sunday of Easter      Pastor Hoedt

 April 10, 2016    Third Sunday of Easter       Pastor Petteys 

 March 20, 2016    Palm Sunday     Pastor Hoedt 

 March 13, 2016    Fifth Sunday in Lent   Pastor Petteys 

"Today" by John Denver       played by Pastor Blake 

May 17, 2015    Confirmation    Pastor Blake & Sandy Altman