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WE REMEMBER IN OUR PRAYERS: Ed Daniels, Linda Romans, Bernadine Dosch, Chris Brandt, Tyler Brandt, Emma Edick, Taylor Abbe, Rod Bowerman, Mark Gerish, Ava Mead, Kolten Mead, Mila Mead, Mason Mead, Ruby Babcock, Nick Copple, Lorna McNeil, Doreen Clark, Jesse Houchin, Storm Miller, Bob Blessing, Kayla Sherman, Lynette McCormick, Revel Little, Larry Bauman, Susan Seegert, MaryKay Zienert, Mike Cummings, Stacy Dunlop, Marge Gunsell, Sharon Hagerman, Magaret Wolcott, Audrey Williams, Rodney Altman, Jim Schiermeyer, and all our service men and women at home and abroad, and their families.

Please let Beth know of any changes to the prayer list.