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St John Lutheran ELCA Church

Grayling, MI 

 St. John Lutheran Church is a welcoming and safe place for all of God’s children to experience and reflect God’s love in Jesus Christ.

April 24, 2017 St John Lutheran Church

celebrated 125 years.  


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January 27, 2021

Dear Friends in Christ

Welcome back, on February 7, 2021 St John Lutheran Church will re-open its doors to in-person worship service. 


The church council would like to say thank you to everyone for your understanding during this past year we know other churches have remained open during this pandemic and several of them experienced Covid-19 out breaks causing them to close for short periods.  We felt the infection rate numbers were just too high to take the chance so we remained closed.  The infection numbers in Michigan and in our area have been trending down to a level we now feel comfortable reopening.  We will be keeping a close eye on the numbers going forward and will take appropriate action as required.


Worship service will start at its normal time 10:30am with the following safety guidelines in place for the safety of everyone entering the church.  

  • Mask’s covering nose and mouth will be required either cloth or paper
  • Most importantly if you are sick stay home
  • If you are in the risk group stay home we will miss you but your health is more important
  • We will not be passing the Offering plate it will be located behind the last pew
  • Same for the Noise Offering pale it will also be located behind the last pew
  • No physical sharing of the peace
  • Physical Distancing - we will be using every other pew, only family members from the same household can set side by side, non-family members will be required to set 6 feet apart
  • Communion - No common cup, Individual cup, and wafers will be used; Wine tray will be placed on a stool for you to pick up Communion Assistants will stand back.

Communion protocol - ushers will not be releasing by pew, each row will only stand and enter the center isle when the person ahead of you is two (2) pews ahead.  Please maintain a two-row separation.  After receiving the wafer the individual cups will be on your left, please proceed to your left to return to the pew. 

  • No gathering after service in the fellowship hall. Please do not use the fellowship hall that will minimize areas requiring disinfecting after use. 
  • The restrooms will be available for use.

Thank you to Pastor Reed Schroer and Dave Osim for offering on-line service during this latest shot down and Beth Gilkerson and her daughter Christina for her technical skills getting those services on-line.

Here are a few announcements for February. We are going to be publishing a bi-monthly newsletter. If there are notices please let Beth know. 

Feb 17, Ash Wednesday service will be in-person at 7:00pm

Feb 24 at 6:30pm will start our Wednesday Lenten Bible Study and continue ever Wednesday thru March 31. Plans are still being made for the Bible study to be held in-person or on-line.  If you are interested, contact Beth at the church office so we can prepare materials.

Feb 28, 2021 there will be a Congregational meeting immediately following service.

God Bless

Mike Miller   St John Church Council  President

St John Lutheran Church has a new YouTube Channel where you can view current and archived Sermons. 

Check us out at St John Church ELCA Grayling. 

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