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St John Lutheran ELCA Church

Grayling, MI 

 St. John Lutheran Church is a welcoming and safe place for all of God’s children to experience and reflect God’s love in Jesus Christ.

April 24, 2017 St John Lutheran Church

celebrated 125 years.  


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We are opening!

June 21, 2020 St John Lutheran Church will open our doors to in-person worship service. Worship service will start at its normal time 10:30am with new safety guidelines put in place for the safety of all entering the church. Following CDC, Governor Whitmer, and Bishop Satterlee’s recommendations the following updated protocols have been put in place so we may resume in-person worship at St John’s safely:

 Most importantly if you are sick stay home 

     If you are in the risk group stay home we will miss you but your health is more important

 Everyone will be required to wear a mask either cloth or paper

 Offering plate will located behind the last pew 

     Noise Offering pale will also be located in the back

 Sharing the Peace - No physical sharing of the peace

 Physical Distancing - we will be using every other pew, only family members can set side by side, non-family members will be required to set 6 feet apart

 Communion - 3 Options are being considered you will be advised on which procedure will be in place on Sunday morning o No communion at this time o Communion in One Kind wafer only, no wine o Wafer and individual cup, No common cup. Wine trays will be placed on a stool you will pick up the cup as you pass by. Communion Assistants will stand back.

     Communion protocol - ushers will not be releasing by pew, each row will only stand and enter the center isle when the person ahead of you is two (2) pews ahead. Please maintain a two-row separation. A hand sanitizer will be located by the first pew for your use prior to receiving communion. 

 No Singing - Experts have stated that singing together in public will not be safe until there is a vaccine for COVID-19 or a treatment that is 95% effective. Singing projects the aerosolized virus much farther (up to 27 feet, in some studies), and when singing we inhale more deeply, thus drawing the virus more deeply into our lungs.

 Coffee fellowship and potlucks are suspended until further notice

 No gathering after service in the fellowship hall. Please do not use the fellowship hall that will minimize areas requiring disinfecting after use. The restrooms will be available for use.

These protocols have been put in place for your safety and the safety of others. As Bishop Satterlee recently stated “I don’t want to be responsible for killing someone” and your council agrees. Better to error on being overly conservative than going to a funeral.

We are working on a new YouTube channel for St. John. We will be posing the link this week as soon as the construction is finished. Then check it out as this will be another source to find posting for the Church. 

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